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Today we are diving into facts about fat. I like to watch my calorie intake as well as my fat gram intake. I know a lot about calories, but fats can be tricky. What are good fats? What are bad fat? What are trans fat? What are the benefits of consuming fats? All this and more will be  addressed today.

Sit down, get comfortable, and maybe even take some quick notes

Fat Facts
*Fat is a good concentrated source of energy

*Fat contains more than twice the energy in carbohydrates and    
 protein contains 4 calories per gram

*There are 9 calories per fat gram

Fat & Your Body

*Your brain is 66% fat

*Your hormone system runs on fat

*Your Cells are 50% fat 

*Certain fats are essential for the body which means our bodies   
 cannot make them, therefore they must be part of your diet

*Fat provides vitamin  A, D, E, and K

*Everyone requires fats

*Fat must be in appropriate function to avoid its ill effects 
 such as obesity, heart-related problems, hypertension, stroke, 
 and other diseases

Fat & Your Diet

*The dietary guidelines recommends that all Americans limits fat 
 intake to 30% of calories

*How much fat you should consume depends on the number of   
 calories you need according to the formula:
 - Daily calories x 0.30 = calories from fat
 - Calories from fat 9 calories/grams of fat = grams of fat per   

*For most people counting grams of fat rather than calories from  
 fat easier

*To keep track of fat grams read labels, and/or fat tables and  
 add up the total everyday

How much is a gram of fat?
*It is easiest to think in terms of tsp of fat

*If 4 grams equal 1 tsp of fat then
 - Carrot and celery sticks = no fat
 - Slice of bread = 1/4 tsp fat
 - 3oz lean beef = 1 tsp fat
 - 1/2 cup creamy coleslaw = 3tsp fat
 - Croissant = 3 tsp fat
 - 2 hot dogs = 7 tsp fat 

Average Fat Gain Per Day

*On an average, the recorded fat of the individuals gained per   
 day is 1 gram of extra body fat. 

*The average recorded fat being gained each day is 1 gram of  
 extra body fat. 

*If you take 1 gram of fat per day from different sources, a  
 total of 365 grams of extra body weight you will gain annually

*If you calculate this quantity will be converted into 20 pounds 
 when you reach age 50. 

*The problem starts when you consume more fats than the standard 
 body requirements

Life Period of Fat Cells
*The average or standard life span of human fat cells life is 
 only ten years

*The rate of fat cells death is 150 per second

Calorie Generator

*Fat is the number one basic source of calories of the body 

*The thinking that fat can kill someone is wrong. 

*Fat will kill you or cause health problems only when consumed in 
 excessive amount than the standard one

*Obesity is also produced by fats and the obesity related 
 diseases are more frequent in the US

Flavor Enhancer
Most of the preservatives and flavor ingredients that are readily mixed to the food for delicious cooked food, the primary ingredients of majority of them are derived actually from fat. 

When flavors are added to food a great change in texture and flavor

Vitamin Absorbent
Fat acts as an absorbing agent for all soluble vitamins that can be found in store pharmacy products, that is actually the soluble form of vitamins

Women Needs Fat More than Men
Women experience ovulation period and during this process it prepares women in general to be pregnant through menstruation process.

Women get weak after the menstruation process and the best way to recover energy from intake of fat to reserve the energy for routine activities

During baby birth process women lose large proportion of fat. It also depends on the different eating habits of women during pregnancy period.

When women decide to breast feeding to the baby, she would need more fat as all the required nutrients are being shifted to the baby

Women lose weight during breast feeding period

These are just some of the reasons why women need more fat than men

Energy Reserve 
Fats contain high amounts of calories which are being transformed into energy so it is an energy reserve

One gram intake of fat is actually equivalent to about 9 calories and if you have stored a pound of fat, it only means you actually have an equivalent 3,600 calories of energy. These calories are necessary for routine activities

Types of Fat
The two types of fat are good fats and unhealthy fats 

Good Fats = Unsaturated fats

Bad Fats  = Saturated fats + Monounsaturated fats + Polyunsaturated fats + Trans Fat 
Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are composed of unsaturated fats
Trans fat are unsaturated fats which are uncommon in nature but can be created artificially

Saturated fats are generally found in meats, dairy products and other trans-fat products
Saturated fats cause bad cholesterol intake and heart problems 

Essential and Storage Fat
Fats are necessary for human health that is normally stored in human organs, muscles, bone marrow, and nervous system 

The other types of fat lies under the human skin which is an indicator that whether you have gained body weight or lose weight. 

Fats are required for the overall performance of the human body similar to enhancing immune system and production of hormones

Percentage of Fat 
The scale of standard healthy body fat for human is divided according to gender and age of the person. 

Men have higher body composition of body fat than the women from 18-39 years old, 40-59 years old, and 60-70 years old with more than 100% difference

Women have 13 to 17% of extra body fats which are normally stored in their thighs, hips, breasts, and bottoms. 

Men have to maintain an essential fat of about 3 to 5% which is less than women and they usually stored in their abdomen

Books on Fat
If you want/need more information about good fats, bad fats, and incorporating fat into a healthy diet check out these books:

by Shawna Vogel

by Mary Eng and Sally Fallon

by Kaayla Daniel

The point of this posting is to give some knowledge about the benefits and good effects of fats on the body if it is consumed in the required amount of body needs. 

I hope you enjoyed it. 

Blessings Friends


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