My Super Bowl


 Hi friends!!!

I had an amazing weekend and I missed all of you. 

Today I have tons to share, so get cozy and enjoy.

Who doesn't love the Big Apple? All the sights the sounds, the people, and most importantly the food. 

I enjoyed this trip to NY, going to Super Bowl parties, attending the Super Bowl, and exploring all the different cuisines NY offers was, of course, the highlight of this trip.

Friday afternoon, while driving to a late lunch, around 2pm we got into a fender bender. We hired a car service so we wouldn't have to fight with aggresive NY traffic or the (not always reliable) subway.

While siting at a red light an oversize truck side swiped our SUV and almost took off the driver side mirror.

Next thing I knew our driver blocked in the truck and got out if the car in a huff. The first thing the trick driver said was... 
"I never touched your car!!!!" It felt like I was in a movie. 

Luckily NYPD was right there and the truck driver was unable to flee the scene, you could tell he would have if we didn't block him in and the cops were not present.

An hour later we were finally able to proceed to an even later lunch/early dinner.

I didn't mind the delay or the accident for that matter. It all happened in a New York Minute. 

Scene of the crime

We ate at a restaurant called Momofuko, in the East Village, serving scrumptious health concious vegetarians options that made my heart sing and my mouth water. 

Mushroom buns
Soy Sauce Boiled Eggs
Scallion Noodles

Chicken ramen

Porkbelly Ramen

The meal was perfect! Delicious, nutritionist, and filling, exactly what the doctor ordered. 

After lunch, my boyfriend, his childhood friend and I walked to the Meat Pack district and enjoyed Highline Park in Chelsea.  It was cold, but it was worth the experience. I can't wait to take advantage of the park in the summer time.

Later on that night we all attended the EA   sports & Budlight party. They had a tribute to NY Hip Hop featuring Busta Rhymes, Run DMC, Naughty by Nature and the Roots. 

I had a blast, everyone tore up the stage, but Busta Rhymes really turned it up. 

The next night we attended the ESPN party where Robin Thick and Kendrick Lamar performed. 

The event was beautifully decorated and I even saw a few celebrates. I danced the night away, and didn't get home until 4am. 

Saturday night party was the best. It was an exclusive Jay Z concert. I'm a big Jigga Fan, he is a wonderful performer, and he's matured throughout his many years in the music industry. 

He has his performances down to a science. He's engaging, entertaining, ad down to earth. 

At one point he picked someone in the crowed and helped them body surf. At another point he picked another person in the crowd to sing Frank Sanitras New York, New York song. I enjoyed every minute of the show. Beyonce even came out and sung 1 song with her husband. It was exzillerating, I will never forget the experience. I danced until my feet ached and then danced some more. 

There were A list celebrities, football players, and reality tv stars all over. Everyone mixed well, somehow I didn't spot any groupies, just people having a great time. 

While tearing up the dance floor, some men in nicely tailored suites were dancing with my group of friends, brushing our shoulders off, and having a good ole time. 

Later on that night I learned all the guys were famous football players. I though most football players were rude, stuck up and full of themselves. These guys proved me wrong. We all partied together until the wee hours of the morning.

Last... But certainly not least was the Superbowl. 

I had a gerrrrrrat time, but the event was slightly bitter sweet. When your team isn't in the big game, it just not as fun of a game to watch. 

The half time show was something to see. I've always been a Bruno Mars fan, and he defiantly put on a great show.

What a weekend. I'm in the airport now. This morning we woke up to a snow storm, this little girl from California loves it. 

6 hours after the Super Bowl

I couldn't of had a better trip.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures

Blessings my friends

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