Happy Valentines Day!!

Look what was hand delivered to me last night 

This year we both decided to stay home. Valentines  Day is to hectic in the City for me. All of the over priced set menus, crowded, loud resturants, it's something I jump at the chance to avoid. 

We both decided we didn't want to deal with all the hustle of V day, instead we will stay-in and cook dinner together. Well... Sort of together, he follows direction very well :)  

The menu:
Arugula Salad with toasted Almonds
Broiled Corn
Sesame Seed Chicken with white rice
Vegetable Tart
Heart Shaped Cheesecake red velvet brownies 

Give me luck tonight friends!! I don't want to screw anything up.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day.

I'll try to post some pics of my night tomorrow. 

Blessings Friends

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