Challenge Monday


Hi Friends,
I hope you had a great weekend, I surely did. I have lots of recipes to share with all of you this week, but not today because... 

Today is Challenge Monday 

Fitness Challenge

I challenge you to complete my cardio interval 

routine 4 days this week 

Challenge Synopsis
  • Complete Cardio Interval Routine Pictured below
  • Complete each exercise for 30 seconds 3xs each
  • Rest for 60 seconds between each exercise sets
  • Try to keep up a steady pace during the routine
  • Drink Plenty of water this week
  • If any exercise is too strenuous do a low impact version
  • Push yourself through this routine, it can get a little taxing
Why Why Why
  • Cardio Interval Training challenges your pace, you slow down to recover only to challenge your pace again
  • According to research published in the International Journal of Obesity, interval training targets your waistline, adding a burst of speed that can help you lose stubborn abdominal fat
  • Increases the after burn effect, post exercise your body burns more calories, even during sleep and rest
  • Saves time
  • Decreases resting heart rate
  • Exercise mat or big towel
  • Stop watch, or stop watch app on phone
  • Strength, endurance, and will power
**complete each exercise for 30 seconds, 
3-times each

 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks

30 seconds of Jump Squats 
(low impact: regular squats)

30 seconds of Mountain Climbers

30 seconds of Butt Kicks

*60 seconds rest

30 seconds of High Knees

30 seconds of Plank Jacks

30 seconds of Speed Skaters

30 seconds of Push Ups

*60 seconds rest

 30 seconds of Burpees

30 seconds of Mountain Climbers

30 seconds of Squat & Kicks

30 seconds of Wall Sits

*60 seconds rest

My take
Because I exercise so much, I'm constantly looking for different ways to push myself past my current limit. No matter how many times I complete this cardio interval routine, it always challenges me. By the 3rd set I'm usually trying to talk my self out of finishing the routine. 

I also love that its a timed routine, instead of a set based one. Instead of completing 20 pushups I complete as many push ups as I can, which makes it easier and challenging at the same time. 

Nutrition Challenge

I challenge you to drink more water

Challenge Synopsis

  • Increase your water intake
  • Studies have produced varying recommendations about the amount of water actually needed
  • Your water intake depends on many factors ie you health, how active you are, where you live and many more
  • Baseline recommendations: Drink at least 8 glass of water a day
  • For a more detail water intake calulations click here
Why Why Why
  • Water helps build muscle
  • Water Increases Cognitive Function
  • WAter helps your  joints stay strong, healthy and lubricated
  • Shiner hair, shiner skin, better complexion
  • Water helps you lose weight
  • You body is 60% water
  • Water 
My take

I grew up drinking water more than anything else. Of course we had sodas, koolaid, juice, and ice tea, but water was king in my house. I try to keep the tradition of drinking plenty of water going now that I'm older, and I've been pretty successful in spurts. I am constantly calculating my water intake for the day. This challenge is going to help remind you to drink more water daily. 

Self-Help Challenge

Identify and tackle your blind spots

Challenge Synopsis
  • Write down all of the things/events/people that trigger you daily (Trigger means to feel annoyed, angry, sad, frustrated,small..)
  • These triggers are your blind spots
  • Once you identify your triggers, start addressing them one by one

Why Why Why

  • Blind spots, in personal development terms, are things about ourself that we are unaware of
  • Identifying your blind spots helps identify the area that need improvements and that we are unaware of
  • This exercise helps you discover new things about yourself
  • This exercise will also expose some blind spots that you didn't realize you had
  • Clean piece of paper
  • Your favorite writing utensils 
  • An open mind
My take
I am all about addressing blind spots. No matter how hard I work on myself, I know there is always room for imporvment. I found 8 blind spots today that I'm going to work on. This challenge was adapted from one of my favorite blog 

That's all today Friends

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