Challenge Mondays


Did you think I forgot?? 

I know you didn't...

It's Challenge Mondays friends 

Since this is my second post today, I'll make sure to keep it short and sweet.

Fitness Challenge

I got a lot of great feed back from last weeks fitness challenge. 

Lets keep the intensity up.

This week I challenge you to complete this exercise routine:

-Hold Plank for 15 seconds
-Do 15 jumping jack
-Hold Plank for 30 seconds
-Do 30 jumping jacks
-Hold plank for 60 seconds
-Do 60 jumping jacks
Rest for 120 seconds
-Complete 20 squats (3 times)
-Complete 10 push-ups (3 times)
**Rest for 30 seconds between each set.

Jumping Jacks 

*always remember to stretch  before and after a workout
*if you are out of breath, feel light headed, or yourmuscles start to give out rest for a few minutes and complete the sets. 
*Don't give up on yourself. What you believe you can achieve.


Nutrition Challenge

This week I challenge you to omit all meat from your diet except lean chicken.  

That's right folks, I'm attacking your pork, beef, lamb, and duck. 

These meats are usually high in saturated fat, they can cause cardiovasular disease if not consumed in moderation, and your risk for certain cancers increase. 

Challenge yourself to order, cook, and consume mostly lean chicken for the next 7 days. 

By the end of the week I haute byte that you will feel lighter, healthier, and happier.

Self-Help Challenge

This week I challenge you to:
Make a list of your inner fears

This is an easy challenge, we will use to list you compose this week to tackle and overcome some of your worst fears.

For example:
I fear death
I fear failure
I fear not being loved
I fear my lover 
I fear my boss

Fear can hold you back from living your life. You have 7 long days to complete this challenge. 

Take your time, dig deep, and be truthful. 

It's going to payoff in the end.

That's all today folks
Blessings friends

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