Challenge Tuesdays

Hello Challenge Tuesdays!!!!! Last week I challenged you to do 50 jumping jacks for 7 days, the week before I challenged you to 50 squats a day. I did my jumping jacks and squats this week, my backside is sore, my legs feel stronger, and I’m learning how to control my breathing when I’m exhausted. Today I’m throwing in an exercise that I HATE!!!! I said I hated squats, but after doing 50 a day I’m not as mad at them as I used to be; but this exercises makes me want to puke. I’m not a fan of being out of breath and in awkward positions, but that’s why we workout at home, so no one can hear us cry!

I officially challenge you to complete
60 seconds of Mountain Climbers
for the next 7 days

You can break it down into 2 sets of 30 seconds or you can just bust out all 60 seconds out at one time.  

Personal Reflection

Mountain Climbers are hard! They challenge your cardiovascular endurance, core strength and Agility. I have a hard time getting my hips down while completing this exercise. I also look like a flailing animal, trying to keep my balance, hop my legs back and forth and stay in a plank position. This exercise is challenging because you have to concentrate on more then one thing at a time. Keeping your hips down, balancing in an awkward position, and running out of steam after the first 5. As much as I’m not a fan of this exercise I realize the effects are worth the pain. 

The challenge is to push yourself everyday by adding 60 seconds of  Mountain Climbers to your existing or non-existing work out routine.

The Exercise
Mountain Climbers is a calisthenic exercise that works the entire body. It targets arms, shoulders, core, and legs while challenging your cardiovascular system. The move can be modified for people with low fitness or mobility. They do carry a risk of injury and should only be used as an exercise if proper alignment and balance can be maintained. 

 Proper Way to perform Mountain Climbers

1.     Start on all fours with your shoulders directly over your hands

2.     Move your legs into a lunge position by pulling one foot forward and   
        extending the other foot back

3.    Contact your abdominal as feet switch positions. 

      Know your level!
      *If you are advanced you can jump with both feet to switch positions.
      *If you are a beginner (like I am) do not jump, instead step forward and then extend the opposite leg back. Making it a controlled concentrated movement. Don’t work over your comfort level.

4.     Alternate the feet for 30 to 60 seconds.

 Good Luck! 

P.S. Try to continue your 50 squats a day and your 50 jumping jacks.

 That's my super duper lopper challenge. 

*Disclaimer: Always make sure to warm your body up before preforming any exercises. 

If you do not you are running the risk of injury. 

If you have a back injury or a knee injury please do not take this challenge. Instead ramp up your existing workout by increasing your 50 squats and jumping jacks to 75. Always listen to your body, if any exercise causes too much impact stop right away. 


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