Challenge Tuesdays

Every Tuesday I challenge you to do an exercise for the next 7 days straight. Last week I challenged everyone to complete 50 squats a day. How did it work for you? Did you complete the challenge or was it too hard? I need some feed back, please let me know. Today I'm challenging you to an age old cardio exercise that has withstood the test of time. 

I officially challenge you to complete 50 jumping jacks a day
for the next 7 days

You can break it down into 2 sets of 25 or you can just bust out all 50 at one time.  

Personal Reflection
I have never been a  jumping person. I'm top heavy so it's hard for me to jump around and shake "things" up. Last week I decided I was going back to the basics to try to find different ways to get my heart rate elevated without having to get on a piece of exercise equipment. I tried jumping jacks and jumping rope. I enjoyed both, but I enjoyed jumping jacks the most. It is truly a full-bodied cardio exercise that activates legs, butt, arms, core, chest, and challenges the cardiovascular system. I come from a military family and I have alway envied military bodies. Yummmmmmmy! Our sexy soldiers get their ripped bodies by training with no equipment, just a lot of running, jumping jacks, pull ups, push ups, and pretty much all the basic exercises that most people feel are out dated. If it's good for "A Few Good Men" then it's good enough for me. 

The challenge is to push yourself everyday by adding 50 Jumping Jacks to your existing or non-existing work out routine.

Jumping jacks are showing up in numerous workouts. I spoted them on the biggest looser, in  bootcamp training workshop, and even in some new age yoga classes. 

Aerobic Benefits

The number one benefit from doing jumping jacks is that it elevates your heart rate. While breathing deeply during jumping you deliver oxygen to your blood stream and your muscles. You burn fat at a rapid rate and promote weight loss. 

Strengthening Benefits

Jumping jacks are a full-body workout. By moving all of your large muscle groups you are actively challenging yourself with your own body weight. 

 Proper Way to a Jumping Jack    

1.     Start with feet together and arms at your thighs
2.     Jump out landing your feet shoulder-width apart and heels off ground
3.    Simultaneously swing arms straight out to the side until they meet around your head
4.     Push off the balls of your feet, bringing them back together again, while swinging your arms down to against your thighs. 

 Good Luck! 

P.S. Try to continue your 50 squats a day. That's my super duper challenge. 


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