Challenge Tuesdays

It’s Challenge Tuesdays! 
Hello. Hello. Hello. Are you ready for a challenge? 
Last week I challenged you to complete 60 seconds of Mountain Climbers. I did mine everyday, and I still have a serious dislike for this exercise, but I cannot deny the results. I can’t “see” anything, but I feel stronger in plank position, and I my cardiovascular endurance is improving. Are you ready for your next challenge?  

I officially challenge you to complete
20 Inch-Worms
everyday for the next 7 days

You can break it down into 2 sets of 10 or you can just bust out all 20 out at one time.  

Personal Reflection

I actually enjoy inch-worms, I don’t know what it is, but walking my hands out until I’m in plank position, then walking my feet up to my hands and standing up reminds me of crawling as a baby. Only this style of crawling gets my heart rate pumping. I try to incorporate inch worms into my workout routine at least once a week, it’s a great warm up, it gets the heart rate up, stretches some important muscles, and they are full body exercise. I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I do.

The challenge is to push yourself everyday by adding 20 Inch Worms to your existing or non-existing work out routine.

The Exercise
Inch worms are great to build strength in the upper body, stretch the lower back, and hamstrings at the same time. They also improve flexibility, and are great for core and shoulder stabilizations. They do carry a risk of injury and should only be used as an exercise if proper alignment and balance can be maintained. 

Target Body Part:
 Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Full Body

 Proper Way to perform Inch Worms
  1. From standing position, with feet slightly apart, engage you abdominal muscles to stabilized your spine
  2. Bend forward from hips; try to keep you knees straight. Slowly lower torso towards floor until you can place your fingers or palms on floor in front of body.  *Keep spine flat
  3. Slowly walk hands forward away from feet. Heels will rise off floor
  4. Continue walking your hands forward until you reach a full push-up position where your spine hip and head are lever with the floor (plank position)              *Do not sag hips
  5. Slowly begin walking your feet forward towards your hands without moving your hands
  6. Maintain a flat spine through out and continue walking until your feet are close to your hands
  7. Stand up strong

Know your level!
Good Luck!

P.S. Try to continue your 50 squats a day and your 50 jumping jacks, and your 60 seconds of mountain climbers.
 That's my super duper lopper pooper challenge.

*Disclaimer: Always make sure to warm your body up before preforming any exercises. 
If you do not you are running the risk of injury. 
Always listen to your body, if any exercise causes too much impact stop right away. 


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