Finalizing the List

Hi Friends!!

The last few days have been heaven for me. For the past 2 weeks my boyfriend and I had family in town. We found ourselves entertaining, going to dinners, cooking dinners, and stuck in the car driving almost everyday, non-stop. As exhausting as it sounds we had a wonderful time bonding with our families and making beautiful memories. Luckily everyone went home Saturday so we got to lounge around and enjoy an empty house and each others company. 

Tony & I went to Whole Foods and stocked up on food and wine, then headed to Bed Bath & Beyond where he insisted on purchasing a Kitchen Aid artisan mixer. I've wanted one of my own ever since I moved away for college and now I have it!! We also purchased the juicer attachment, which means, fresh juice recipes will be coming soon. 

I've taken my own advice/challenge finalizing my Christmas list. I think I'm sticking with the DIY Mason Jar gifts I gave away last year. Everyone who received one loved it and you know I love to make people smile. This year I'm going to have to do double the jars since my list has gotten longer. 

Mason jar gifts
Detox tea - small mason jar filled with fresh herbs and spices

Sugar Scrub - peppermint, gingerbread, and a sea salt scrub

Cookies for Santa - just add milk and eggs and you have delicious cookies

Hot Chocolate - homemade hot chocolate mix

S'more kits - homemade marshmallows, homemade gingerbread cookies sooooo tasty

I'm going to start tackling these projects this week, it will get overwhelming if I leave everything to the last minute. All should go well as long as I'm organized. 

I love this time of year! I truly enjoy giving presents, especially handmade gifts. People appreciate the personal touch. 

That's all today folks!
We will tackle some seafood recipes tomorrow

Peace & Love,

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