Challenge Monday


Fitness Challenge

Elevate your squats

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to complete Squat Holds with Arm Lifts 12 reps, 4 sets, everyday this week

Why Why Why
  • Squat holds is an isometric exercise 
  • Adding arm lifts to squat holds challenging balance, upper body, lower body, core and that booty
  • This exercise improves flexibility, strength, mobility and balance while building tendon and ligament strength
Just yourself

Squat Holds with Arm Lifts
Complete 12 reps, 4 sets, everyday this week 

Start with feet slightly wider than hip width apart
Keeping chest high, eyes straight forward 
Move hips back and down into a comfortable but challenging squat 
*this exercise is advanced, if too advanced for you complete basic Squat holds or wall sits 
Squat down until hips and knees make a 90 degree angle, or wherever comfortable yet challenging 
If you feel any pain in your knees soften your stance
Once in squat hold this position
Extend hands straight out in front of you
Keeping chest up extend right hand down and touch outside of right foot, return hand to starting position
Extend left hand down and touch outside of left foot, return hand to starting position
Extend both arms down, up and down again
Stand up
That’s one rep 
*holding squat above a 90 degree angle will make this exercise easier
**if this exercise is too advanced for you start with wall sits

My Take
I’m in the air heading to DC right now, then it’s off to Miami & Delray New Years and a wedding. I going cardio crazy over the next 7 days along with multiple planks and abdominal exercises. These squat holds with arm lifts will help lift and shape my tootie fruity. Can’t wait to share the pics, I hope I’m able to pull off my bikinis because I didn’t bring a one piece.

Nutrition Challenge 

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge to exercise a little restraint around all of yummy Holiday goodies

Why Why Why
  • It’s the holiday season and it’s easy to get off track 
  • Exercising some restraint is hard but very rewarding both physically and mentally
  • Because I said so!
Some serious will power

Try exercising some restraint around your favorite calorie rich foods for the next 7 days

My Take
This challenge is a little different from all of my other ones. Why you ask... Because it’s the holiday season silly. Everyone has there favorite Holiday treat, I love sweet potato pies. No matter what you enjoy, sweet or savory, try exercising a little self control over the next 7 days. Make sure to indulge when needed, try keeping yourself to one cookie or one slice of ham. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

Self-Improvement Challenge

Challenge Synopsis

  • I challenge you to call or visit a friend, family member, anyone you have lost touch with over the next 7 days

Why Why Why
  • Texting is one of the main sources of communication and it can be very impersonal
  • By reaching out and actually having a conversation in person or over the phone you connect with that person on a deeper level
  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year… a surprise call or visit from you can brighten somebodies day
Just yourself

Make sure to call or visit someone special to you over the next 7 days

My Take
I haven’t talked to my former BFF in a couple of months. She did something that pissed me off so I created some distance between us, which of course effected the relationship. Even though I was disappointed in her actions I plan on calling her within the next 7 days. I’m hoping a simple phone conversation can rekindle a friendship. 

That’s all I have for you guys today!
Peace & Love,

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