Mossy RIP Wreath

Hi Friends,

Happy Friday 

I had a wonderful time crafting this week, I hope I inspired you to get creative and make something cool. 

The project featured today was very time consuming, I don't like the way it photographed, but the final product is funky and original.  You get to free style with all of the props and put your own personal touches on it. When shopping at Michael's I found myself in the Halloween aisle grabbing large plastics spiders, rubber bats, moldy moss, skeleton hands and wooden skulls. 

Let's jump right into this tutorial

Mossy RIP Wreath

Cost: $20-$25
Time: 60-90 minutes 
Skill level: beginner 

What you need:
Moldy Moss 2-3 packs $2.99 each
Medium sized stick wreath - $9.99
Clear drying glue or a glue gun - $3.99
Halloween themed plastic toys like spiders, rats, skeletons, bats, etc

I found wooden skulls and a RIP sign then decorated them using the crayon wax technique
This step is optional 


Start by lining your work surface with a black garbage bag
Glue moss onto wreath 
I covered the entire wreath but you can leave a few sticks pointing out of the moss, it's all up to you
hot glue gun next time to speed up the drying process

Allow time for moss to dry and pre-arrange your plastic Halloween props before gluing

Once your happy with the layout hot glue props to wreath 
all props need to be securely held in place since your wreath will be exposed to the elements for an extended amount of time

Allow 5 minutes to fully dry

Hang and enjoy!

Have an Awesome weekend!

Peace & Love,

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