Challenge Monday

It's Challenge Monday

Fitness challenge
Jump like a frog 

Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to do frog jumps everyday this week

Why Why Why
  • Frog jumps are similar to squat jumps, but they help you keep proper form 
  • By bending down and touching the floor in front of you (frog position) you are completing a deep squat 
  • Squats target your entire lower body
  • Squat jumps challenges your cardio endurance 
  • Frog jumps takes squats and squat jumps to another level targeting lower body, cardio endurance and stamina 
Will Power
Strong mind
Exercise mat 

Complete 4 sets 12 reps of everyday this week

Frog Jumps
Start feet a little wider than shoulder width apart 
Bend down finger tips touching the ground between your feet
Bend down a little more gently pushing off your finger tips jump straight up in the air, arms extend straight up
As you land go right back to starting position and jump again 
Jumps should be quick
Check form after every jump 

My Take
I'm not a big fan of squat jumps, but frog jumps aren't so bad. Try them out they are actually a lot of fun. 

Nutrition Challenge 
Challenge Synopsis
I challenge you to lower your sodium intake this week

Why Why Why
  • 1 tsp of salt has 2,325 mg of sodium 
  • Dietary guidelines for Americans recommend less than 2300mg a day 
  • The average sodium consumption in the US is estimated at 3500mg a day, which is well above the recommended guidelines
  • Sodium is essential for normal function of our cells tissue thoughtout the body
  • Excessive sodium contributes to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease which is the number 1 killer in the US
  • It accounts for more than 800,000 deaths a year and $273 billion in health care in 2010

My Take
I grew up on a southern diet and salt is a big part of that. It's been a challenge learning to cook with less salt, but I've learned a few tricks that I can't wait to share with all of you. 

Self Improvement Challenge

Challenge Synopsis 
I challenge you to practice positive affirmations this week

Why Why Why
  • Positive affirmations helped me change my life and loose weight years ago 
  • Positive affirmations are good for the brain and can boost self esteem
  • Talking to yourself in the mirror seems weird but is life changing once you actually take yourself seriously 
A mirror
An open heart 
An open mind 

  • Every day this week look in the mirror and say:
  • I am grateful for ________ (fill in the blank with what you are grateful for that day) 
  • Some examples: My strength, My family, My healthy, My significant other, My life, My positive attitude 

My Take 
I started reciting positive affirmations, just like this one, years ago. They helped me get through the toughest time of my life. I got naked stood in front of the mirror and repeated: I am beautiful... 
I am beautiful... I AM BEAUTIFUL.
I didn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. Then one day I actually started believing it. Please don't treat this challenge  as a joke. Positive affirmations changed my life and they can do the same for you. 

Peace & Love,

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