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Today is a wonderful day! I'm making cup cakes and decorating them with green fondant, hopefully they will look like sprouting plants. My nephew is turning 2 and I think these cupcakes would be perfect.

Enough about my cupcakes, today's post is about feeding your hair.

Growing up I wasted a lot of time curling, adjusting, flat ironing, washing and braiding my hair. Like most little girls I want to look good all the time and hair plays a big role in your appearance.

I started growing my dreadlocks roughly 7 years ago and it's been a wonderful insightful journey. Dreads tell a story, they are hard to maintain especially in the beginning stages. I endured over 2 years of the "ugly phase" where I had 100s of small spikes poking out of my head. That's how everyones dreads start out, an unattractive mess you have to disguise, hide, and suffer through for multiple months.  There is nothing pretty about this part of the dreadlock journey. It took about 2 years for my hair to grow a few more inches, then I looked as if I had been electrocuted, all of my 1-3 inch dreadlocks stood straight up on my head. Finally year 3 came around and they fell, I got to rock a cute bob for a while, this was around the time I met my current boyfriend.

As the years go by my dreads have gotten longer and longer, sexier and sexier. Now I'm 7 years in and I can't wait to see what they will look like in another 7 years. I get tons of compliments on my hair everywhere I go I'm bombarded with questions about how to wash and maintain them.

Check out my hair and weight evolution! 
It's crazy!

Hair is part of your identity. I envy the women who chop their hair off in a boyish cut. There is nothing sexier then a confident women with super short hair, in my opinion. I also love long, wavy, curled hair, the way hair flows and shines can be memorizing.

Hair Facts
  • Everyone losses up to 100 strains of hair a day, that's actually a normal rate of hair loss.
  • 40% of Americans who suffered from thinning hair are women
  • Hormonal change, genetics, and how frequently you use heat on your locks can cause hairs to fall out and thin at an accelerated pace.
  • Hair loss can cause psychological damage by feeling unattractive to people of the opposite sex
  • The American Hair Loss Association recognizes hair loss in women as a serious life altering condition
  • All hair loss in both men and women is a symptom of something else that's gone wrong in your body

Vitamins that stimulate hair growth:
Vitamin C - Improves circulation of the scalp - found in citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons

Vitamin B
- Strengths hair and promotes overall health found in whole grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, beans, yeast and molasses

Vitamin E - An Antioxidant for the body, improves circulation and supports a healthy nervous system.
Found in green vegetables like spinach, collards, eggs, nuts and seeds

Foods to eat for healthy hair

Pumpkin seeds

Good source of zinc and vitamin A, vitamin b and other essential hair strengthening nutrients
Helps prevent thin, brittle hair while increasing hair growth

Raw carrots are best
Good source of beta carotene & vitamin A
Good for shinny
Helps strengthen hair and can increase the shine in healthy hair


Good source of Vitamin C, silicon and sulfur
Helps build strong strains of hair

Nutritional Yeast
Good source of anion acids, protein, and vitamin B
Stimulates healthy hair growth


Good source of silicon
Helps build strong strains of hair and makes hair thick and shiny

Good source of fiber, vitamin C, and folic acid, contains antioxidants
Helps hair growth

Shiitake Mushrooms
Good source of vitamin B, niacin, and biotin
Helps keep hair and nails healthy and strong

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Hair Smoothies

I can't leave you without a few smoothie recipes to stimulate healthy locks. All smoothies are delicious and created by me!

Hair power
1 cup raw Carrots
1 cup strawberries
1 tsp nutritional yeast
1 cup chopped apples with skin on
2 tsp raw honey or natural sweetener
1/3 cup non dairy milk

Greenie Meanie
1/2 cup cucumbers
1/2 handful pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup pineapples
Handful of kale
1/2 cup chopped apples with skin on
1/3 cup non dairy milk

Spicy Yet Sweet
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup radishes
1/2 cup mixed berries
1/2 cup mangos
1/2 cup pineapples
1/3 cup non dairy milk

That's all today folks!
Peace & love,

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