What a Birthday


Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best birthdays ever. Before we dive into it, let go back to Tuesday. This year I wanted to do something different. Instead of throwing a party, gathering my friends for a bowling tournament, or planing a grand dinner, I decided to spend all that time, money, and effort on myself.

I woke up on Tuesday and did something I never do, instead of rushing out of bed and heading straight to the gym, I slept in and relaxed. My first pamper appointment was at 12:15pm. I made my way to Zaza Modern Nail Solan and proceed to get the best manicure and pedicure I've ever had.


It was also the most expensive Mani-Pedi I've ever had, but in the end, it was 1000% worth it. I tried shellac gel nails for the first time. Now that I've come over to the dark side, I don't know what took me so long to convert. Not only do these nails last up to 14 days, withouto damaging your nails, they also look flawless, shiny, polished and refined.

Check me out!

Who's a Happy Girl??
Zaza Upgrade

Hot paraffin wax treatments soften hands and feet while restoring moisture and drawingout impurities. This was a $15 upgrade and worth every penny.

I love my nails. They are so glossy and smooth, I'm hooked on Shellic nails now, there is no going back.

Next Stop...

Next was a Triple Oxygen Facial at Bliss spa, in The W Hotel. I've always wanted an oxygen facial, they are supposed to take 5-10 years off of your apperance. What a perfect 31st birthday gift, making myself look as young as possible.

"The Facial that made us famous, this classic radiance reviver includes a target peel, an energizing enzyme pack and threee forms of skin brightening oxygen, including an oxygen wrap and vitaminized O2 spray. It's like a breath of fresh air for your face-litterally"

The Facial did not dissapoint. I felt pampered and special all at the same time. I also added a tight and toned wrap to my adominal area.

"Tight on target

Give your treatment a bluge-battling boost with a seaweed tast mask that pinpoints your pudgier parts (choops hips and thights, torso or arms), plus a slathring of three slimming creams"

I enjoyed all of my treatments to the fullest. My skin is now smooth, glowing, and stubble, and my nails are flawless. What more could the birthday girl want?

Bliss had an riduclous spread laid out in the womans waiting room. I snacked on gluten free brownies, smoked guoda and sharp chedder cheese, and sipped on hot tea after my 75 minute treatment. I felt like the Queen of Sheba when I left Bliss.


After my facial I was supposed to get sugar waxed, but decided I'd spent enough money for the day. I went shopping at Westfield mall in downtown San Francisco instead. I picked up my favoirte lotions and body wash sets from Bath and Body works. I also purchased a few new shirts that I desperately needed from my favoirte store.

I made it an easy night, grabbing a salad and some patatas bravas from Bocadillos, a great tapas spot in the financial district and called it a night.


I woke up on Wedesday excited to be that much closer to the big day. I completed a quick cardio session and got a thai message at Kinnaree in Mill Valley. I've been going to Kinnaree for the last 2 years and they always make my body feel like a million bucks. The massage is only a dollar a minute, you can't beat that deal.

I promplty came home and packed for an overnight getaway to Saint Helena, about 15 minutes outside of Napa. I planned the pamper part of my birhtday, and my boyfriend planed the traveling part. He did a outstanding job.

We staid at the Harvest Inn, the best hotel the Napa area. Each room is equipped with its own fireplace, we had a jacuzzi overlooking the vineyard.


Somebody loves his Mary!!!

On the way to Saint Helena


Check out the room. Super duper Sweet.

Birthday outfit

Who knew 31 would look this good. I know I didn't

We went to Farmstead for dinner, one of the best restaurants in Saint Helena

The next day we slept in then went to Cindy's for lunch, a local institution for Home Cooked food. After lunch and some shopping at the Napa Outlets then came back to the Bay Area and had some sushi for dinner.


My birthday was relaxing. Now I'm on my way to Washington DC visit my Daddy.

Check out my Birthday present

Its a handmade leather holster from Local Branch. One of my good friends has this holster and I always admired it. Since my birthday was coming up, I figure this would be the best excuse to finally bite the bullet and order it.

I wanted to make I would get it before my trip to DC, so I offered to pay extra for rush delivery. I was more then worried when I didn't get an response to my email, but all was well, it arrived on Wednesday afternoon, with a handwritten note.

These people go above and beyond the call of duty. They even shot me an email today to make sure I recieved my holster.

Big shout out to: Local Brand

check them out at www.localbrand.co

you will not be dissapointed.

Thats all today folks

Blessings my friends!!



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