Just a few Tips to Stay in Shape during the Holidays


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Tips to Stay in Shape
 During the Holidays

We can't avoid it any longer, the Holiday Season is amongst us. I usually don't gain that much during the winter months, but I'm also not into to taking chances. Here are some of my tricks to keep it tight through the New Year.

Keep moving 
When it gets cold outside, you tend to reach for that snooze button. Make sure to maintain and, dare I say it,  increase your activity level during the colder months to ward away access pounds and compensate for those holiday treats. 

I enjoy Bikram Yoga during the Holiday seasons. You can burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories in a single 90 minute class. 

Eat those Greens
Sometimes salads aren't so appetizing when its cold outside. If you can't force yourself to opt for the spinach salad make sure to get your vegetables another way. By consuming fruit smoothies, juicing, roasting sweet potatoes and squash, hearty soups, and healthy vegetable casseroles can help keep you on track . 

Holiday Themed Specialty Drinks
 Tis the season for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Gingerbread soy chai tea lattes, white chocolate hot chocolate that usually pack upwards of 400-1000 calories into one drink. Why indulge in empty calories when it's pumpkin pie season? Order a zero-calorie tea instead, oolong and green tea are proven to help with weight loss, and who doesn't need help with weight loss? 

Say No to Comfy
 This is the season for comfy sweaters, baggy and stretchy clothes that make you lose site of your body underneath. Try to go for more fitted attire, it will encourage less lounging around, as well as more awareness to whats going in your stomach. 

Eat before you Eat

Holiday party's, pumpkin pies, Christmas cookies, traditional holiday meals are not avoidable, you might not be able to steer clear of all the yummy treats. Eating before you head to your get-together, snacking on whole grains and high fiber fruits and vegetables will fill you up and help prevent overindulging.

In the end you are going to eat those last 3 cookies, you are going to have at least one piece of pumpkin pie, and you are going to overindulge at Thanksgiving. The trick is to be aware of what you are putting in your body, and adjust your workout accordingly. 

There is no reason to ruin the holiday season with silly diets and antics, just be mindful of what you eat, and enjoy the best time of the year. 

Blessings My Friends



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