It's Only the Beginning


Are you ready for an adventure? I know I am. So far Nashville has not dissapointed. We went to a place called Puckket for dinner and man was it good. There was a live band playing while we enjoy our food, dinner and a show. Most of the food was fried, but when in Rome...

I enjoyed the fried pickles, fried green beans, and fried green tomatoes for appetizer. For my main course I made a small dent in shrimp and grits, pretty much everyone else had the chicken fried steak. I'm realzing that Tennessee is a lot more southern then I though, so I'm prepared for a fried food coma these next few days.

After dinner we went one of the many bars downtown that was playing live music. I fell in love with country music when I was in high school, so I felt right at home. The band played songs from Dolly Parton, Jonny Cash, and many others that I don't know the name too. We had a great time drinking, dancing, joking and meeting some locals.

I think I got to bed around 1am, which is pretty early in my book.

I got up around 9am and got in a good workout.

The hotel gym has a power plate machine. I've seen them before, but this was the first time I got to play on one. I'm not sure how effective it is, but it sure does feel funny. The plate vibrates and the screen takes you through 3-5 exercises.

Thats all I have today. My adventure has really just begun. Thanks for sticking around, I promise to have a lot more pics and storys for you on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend




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