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Hello Everyone!

Today I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Too bad I didn’t feel like that yesterday. After a late afternoon meeting with a friend, I arrived at home hungry and uninspired to workout. Trying to find ways to trick all of you into thinking that I kept my word by starting the AB and Squat challenge, I was truly at a lost. To keep my credibility to my readership and myself I decided the proof is in the pudding and I pushed myself to complete Day 1 for my new challenges.

Squat Challenge Day 1 completed on 5/13/13

Lets talk about the squat challenge first. I used to have a serious hate for squats. They are boring and you have to really concentrate to make sure you are keeping the correct form. Even though it feels like an low impact exercise, within 60 seconds you feel these bad boys burning your thighs, your butt and challenging your cardio endurance. All that being said, my first day of the squat challenge wasn’t that bad at all. I knew I had to flush out 50 squats using the proper alignment and technique. I made sure to stretch my arms out in front of me, keep a tight core, toes pointed forward, a small arch in my lower back, while dipping down as low as I could go, comfortably. I think this squat challenge will start to get hard the next few days when I have to complete over 75 squats without a break. I’m ready for the challenge and the results, but I know that pain is inevitable.

Abdominal Challenge Day 1 competed on 5/13/13

The Abdominal Challenge is no joke. I’m a little cocky when it comes to my abdominals. Even though I don’t have killer abs yet, I know I have a strong core. I was fine until I started the cross-leg-wide-sit-up. Those are HARD!!! I took off my shirt and noticed sweat all over my abdominals. Ummmm…. I like that!!! Pushing myself to my limits I was able to successful finish the routine.

Today my legs aren’t too sore, which is to be expected. I do a lot of squatting in my everyday routines; I’m not expecting much soreness from the squats until I get into the 70-75 range. I also complete Kettle Bell Training up to 4 days a week, which usually always include weighted squatting. Yay! Lucky Me

My abdominals feel alive, tight, and a little swollen. This challenge is going to be difficult because there are no rest days. Completing those exercises everyday for 30 days is defiantly going to provide results. I busted out the entire routine in 15 minutes, and was completely covered in sweat, which usually never happens when doing an abdominal workout. I’m a little excited about that.

I am proud of myself for pushing, keeping my word, and completing these challenges. I found another challenge that I want to add to this month’s routine called the 100 push up challenge. Check out the details here. http://www.hundredpushups.com/#sthash.oPZLYQ3o.dpbs

Here are my before pictures for my abdominals and a quick video of my legs.

Cardio Challenge

Whenever I get back from a long relaxing vacation where I let myself go, it’s hard as hell to get back on track. I skipped my Kettle Bell and Cardio workout last night because I simply didn’t want to do it. I Usually wake up early and workout for a hour or two before 8am. Not this morning. I am pretty happy with the state of my body, like most women, I would love to loose another 10 pounds, but for the first time in a long time I enjoyed the way I looked in my vacation pictures. Last year my boyfriend and I traveled around the world. It took us 3 months and I gained a little over 15 pounds. The first month of our trip I looked decent, but by the 2nd month I looked like a cow, and the 3rd month was just shameful. When I got back for that vacation I work-outed like a dog trying to get that weight off. It took me a full year to truly happy with my appearance again. Now that I’m pretty comfortable naked, I want to keep it that way; but I always dream of a perfect world where I don’t have a sweat and push myself to my breaking point 4-5 days a week. I know that that is never going to happen, and today is the day that I jump back on the bandwagon and push push push. Please send me some positive, energetic, ready-to-sweat energy. I truly need it.

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