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Workout Buddies 

I've never exercised on a consistent bases with a workout buddy. People usually can't keep up with my exercise routines. I'm used to working out alone, I actually look forward to it. I know that I am that one in a million, overly excited, self starter, that's almost always been highly self motivated.  Since I lost 150 pounds, on my own, I'm used to pushing myself to my limits. Most times other people slow me down, no one, that I know, is willing to push themselves as hard as I do on  an everyday bases. 

Most people aren't as lucky as I am. A normal human being needs a little extra push to reach and exceed their fitness goals. 

That's where todays post comes in handy

Why do You Need a Workout Buddy

Workout partners can mean the difference between success and failure for the following reasons

- Time Goes By Faster
When you're alone its easier to watch the clock, which usually makes time drag. 
When you are able to chat, gossip, and share stories time seems to fly and exercising can become an occasion you actually look forward to 

- Harder to Cancel a Workout
When you only answer to yourself it's easier to blow off a workout session
If your partmer is expecting and counting on you you'll be less likely to cancel

- Inspired and Motivated By Outside Perspective 
It's difficult and sometimes impossible to view yourself objectively, especially when it comes to fitness progress, remember we are our own worst critics
Your partner can view you more objectively and reward you and your progess with validations that can and will help boost your self-esteem and keep you motivated 

- Celebrate Success
You and your partner can set goals for yoursleves and celebrate after you both reach those goals. That's something everyone looks forward to 

- Easier to try New Workouts
It's always daunting to try something new alone, with a workout buddy you are never alone, that takes the scariness out of trying something new

- Competition and Accountability makes you perform better
its harder to flake on a friend

The Negative Side to Workout Buddies  

Workout partners can also be negative, lazy influences. 
It's important to choose someone that: 
- Responds to your encouragment
- Never belittles your progress
- Is truly commited to shared goals

Make sure your new workout partner doesn't suffer from the following:
- Constant excuse making
- Excessively egotistical
- Unhealthy short cuts (like drugs, or crazy fad diets)
- Overly competitive
- Obstinate
- Always late
- Bad attitude
- Talks more then they sweat

Search until you find a competent positive partner for your fitness goals and hold on tight

What to look for in a Workout Buddy

* Make sure you like them 
A good workout buddy has to be someone you like, they make your workout more fun, not less fun

* Good Attitude
Positive friendly, solution focused, respectful of your time, dependable, all these qualties are requried. You have to trust that they have your back and they support you at all times

* Share Similar Goals
Its critcal that your workout buddy is as committed, idealy more committed then you are
They also need to be someone who won't cave in on those days where you don't want to workout. They need to be able to call you on any excuses you make up and not back down to your BS

* Compatible Schedules 
If your schedules never coincide then its not going to work, as simple as that

How to Find a Workout Buddy in Your Area

There are lots of websites that hook up like minded people, here are a few to check out - the worlds largest network for special-interest groups from local hiking to exercising with your pets, you can meet like minded people in your own neighborhood - focused on young professionals, this orginazation is a great way to sign up for teams, classes, clinics, and social events. Parts of the proceeds goes to charity - The title says it all. Enter your city and a little information about yourself and you might just find your perfect workout buddy 

Living Social - Groupon Deals - With deeply discounted prices for fitness related classes its easier than ever to sign up for fun, challenging classes. You might meet people at these events that could be the workout buddy you have been searching for

Ask Your Coach or Trainer - Talk to a professional at your own gym to see if they know anyone interested in finding a workout partner. Your trainer will also know your skills and interests

Work - If a co-worker seems to have the same fitness and healthy living interests as you , talk to them about it. Since you see eachother everyday you have similar scheudles and it will be easy to plan time to exercise. 

Thats all today folks

I'm off to hangout with one of my good friends. 
I hope you all have a wonder-filled day


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