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I had a great day yesterday. It was the best day of the year thus far. We were planning on going to diner last night, opted to stay home and cook instead. I managed to pull together a great dinner of baked chicken, mixed root vegetables, muchrooms, garlic, onions and leek stir fry, fish sauce spanich, roasted potatoes with warm tomato sauce, and seabass. Everyting was great but by the time I was finished cooking I wasn't able to eat as much as I would have like too. Oh well, there are always room for leftovers the next day. 

This moring I got up and exercised. My workout was hard, just like I like it. Keeping with my New Years goals I started my Hemp protein regiment and strangly I can already feel the diffrence.
This is what I'm using right now

I bet you know where this is coming...

Lets Talk Advantages and Disadvantages of Protein Shakes 

Disadvantages of Protein Shakes

-Incomplete Nutrition
Protein Shakes are desingd to be heavy on protein, which usually mean they fail at providing significant amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins minerals, and healthy fats.  *Protein shakes that advertise being "fortified" will not offer the smae kind or level of nutritionas whole foods. 

-Sustainability Issues
Replacing some meals with protein shakes may be used as part of a successful weight loss strategy, but their use becomes less viable when used for the long term. *You can deveolp nutrient deficiencies if you replace too many meals with shakes 

-Health Problems
Protein Shakes can be harmful if you have them in conjunction with hight-protein diets. *According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, consistently exceeding daily protein requirments can lead to weight gain, high blood cholesterol, elevated heart disease risk, and kidney complications. 

Some - not all- protein shakes have helahty ingredients, are free of contaminants and can act as nutritious meal replacments. Befre you start drinking shakes consdier alternatives such as getting extra protein through a whole food snack or preparing meals ahead of time so you can eat them on the go. If you do turn to shakes, read nutrition lables carefully and avoid those that are high in sugar,cholesterol and/or saturated fat. 

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Advantages of Protein Shakes

-Weight Control
Used as a meal replacment protein shakes can enable you to control your fat and calorie intake, which is beneficial to weight managment. *Since many protein powders have controled portions of calories, fat, protien, and carbohydrates, it also helps with protion control 

-Muscle Building
Whenever you exercise muscle tissues are torn and must be rebuilt for your muscles to develop. Protein shakes will help the rebuilding process. *Drinking protein shakes enables you to control the amount of proetin you are consuming, and because its in liquid form it enters the blood stream faster

Protein Shakes offer a no fuss, easy, simple way to consum quality ingredients in a convenient package. *Trying to consume a high amount of quatlity protein through soild food can take a lot of preparation 

-Nutrient Intake
One of the main benefits of making and consuming protein shakes is the opportunity to add a multitude of other nutrients along with the protein powder. In one drink you can consume the protein of protein, frozen berries, flaxseed oil, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, natural peanut butter, and much much more. *You will have to experiment so your additions don't make the shake unpalatable, but your options for adding nutritions are abundant

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Lets Talk Different kinds of Protein

I hope this helps shed some light on the subject and break down what type of protein you need and when. Timing and the right type of protein is the key when looking for the best results

Whey Concentrate

One of the most basic forms of protein that is easily found. 
*People who are looking for an inexpensive protein source can find tubs of stricly whey protein concentrate with a lower price tag them most proteins. 
*Great starting point for beginners. 
*Some people have a hard time digesting the concentrate and can end up feeling a little gassy and bloated. 
*Whey Concentrate can be used both pre and post workout, and can also be used as a snack in between meals 
**This is not a preferred souce of proein to be used at night

Casein Protein
This protein will slowly breakdwon over the course of serveral hours, you can use as a meal, or right before you go to bed.
*If you take casein protein before you go to bed you will stay anabolic throughout the night and you will be able to utlize the protein in your body **anabolic: the synthesis of complex molecules in living organisms from simpler ones together with the storage of energy; constructive metabolism.
*Takes 5-7 hours to fully breakdown which keeps your body absorbing and utlizing the nutrients even while you sleep. 
*You can use it to help stay full and keep a constant supply of protein in your body to supply the muscles with proper nutrition for hours after drinking a shake
*Another positive tot his kind of protein is the high glutamine content, which helps boost the immune system and speed up recovery
*Preferred souce of protein to use at night before bed. 

Whey Isolate
One of the quickest absorbing proeins (but not the quickest) 
*Can be expensive
*Perfect for those on low carb diets
*Many of the proteins tubs on the market that are strickly whey isolates have very low if any carbs/sugars
*Isolates are great pre and post workouts because they are absorbed quickly and can supply the muscle the nutrients needed to help recover and grow. 

Hydrolysate Protein
The most expensive source of proein you will find on the market, and the highest quality of protein avaiable
*Provides high absorbable prptides that can have a great anabolic effect 
*Highest absorption rate of the proteinsavaiable 
*Much better on the digestive system compared to whey concentrates
*Can be used both Pre and Post workout

Soy Protein

Good source of protein for those looking for a vegetarian source of protein
*Loaded with glutamine, to help with recovery, arginine, to help dilate blood vessles to allow nutrition to get into the muscle quicker, and BCAA's, to help with recovery
*Soy supports a healthy cholesterol profile due to the isoflavones found in the product. 
*Boost thyroid hormone output, which speeds up the metabolism which aids in fat loss
*Can be used both pre and post workout or anytime throughout the day if needed to get in a meal/snack containing protein
*This source is not preferred to use at night

Milk Protein Isolate

Contains both casein and whey protein
*Full of amino acids, similar to soy protein
*This type of protein is mustly used in a blended protein source where mulltiple types of protein are used. 
*Not preferred choice if looking for a protein but can be used anytime during the day, don't use at night

Egg Albumin

Egg White Protein
**Amino Acid profile on these are great andhas been used since back in the day to help build lean muscle mass. 
*New powdered forms are easy to use

All in all
Start with something simple like whey concentrate and see what results you get with that before you start buying the expensive stuff. 

I'm stating with this:

You know i'll keep you up to date on my progress.

Thats all today folks

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