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My Top 10 Instagram Accounts

Instagram is the new facebook. I enjoy posting pictures and slightly obsessing over how many likes and comments they draw. Like most people, I dream of getting my instagram friend count up to the thousands. 

It's a big goal that's going to take some time for me to accomplish, but that doesn't intimidate me. 

I put together my favorite instagram accounts. They range in topics from healthy eating, to fashion, to crafts, to intense inspiring workouts. 

Enjoy the list and check out these phenomenal accounts. 


She calls herself the "Fitness Whisperer" you can tell this young lady has a serious passion for fitness and health. This account features fun, exciting, energetic and easy to follow fitness clips with homemade equipment. You don't need a gym when you have a walker and some gallon water jugs. I love this account because it give me some fun and creative workout ideas. 

With 536,000 followers these peps have found the winning formula to Fitness and Inspirational Instagram accounts. With inspiring fitness pictures, tons of meal planning and tips, plus plenty of exercise clips what's not to like? They also post eye dropping before and after pictures you have to see to believe. I love the exercises on this site and the pictures of beautifully shaped fitness models. They help remind me what I'm striving so hard for. 
**if your a jealous woman do not show this account to your significant other. I'm not that jealous, but my man drools over these shapely fit woman every time I look at my instagram. I can't blame him, fitness is beautiful 

She is the creator of the RED way of life as well as a Health and Fitness Specialist and something called a toughness coach. She sure looks tough to me. The exercise clips make me want to head to the gym right now. Whenever I'm feeling a little bored with my workout I  checkout @_red_warrior_ for some fitness inspriaiton. 

This girl rocks. Georgia and I ended up exchanging emails and keeping in touch, so I can admit Transformational Georgia is one of my personal fitness friends and I appreciate her and her account. She started her transformaition on August 20, 2013, so far she's lost a good amount of weight and added some beautiful muscle tone. Georgia contiunes to push herself to the next level with an appetitle suppressant called Visi. It loooks like it works to me. 

Healthy Eating

This is another personal friend of mine, her name is Anna and she is a marvelous soon to be holistic nutirtionist who believes in Positive Affirmations, Gluten-free eatting, pilates and yoga. What's not to love? On top of all of that goodness, Anna is a green smoothie queen. Check out her account if you are ever looking Positive Affirmations or tasty green smoothie recipes. 

The name says it all: Powered By Plants. This account has a whopping 12,000 followers and its all about healthy eatting with direct focus on plants, recpies, pitures, inspiring quotes, meal planning and much much more. 

Nope I'm not vega, but that doesn't mean I don't 100% support my vegan friends. Jessie is a cutie that is kind enough to share hundreds of pictures of delicious looking vegan meals. When I want a healthy meal of food I check out her account to get some ideas.


I love crafts. There is nothing more satifying then creating master pieces with my hands, a glue gun, and a little imagination. DIYhow101 includes step by step directions from makeup tips, hair styles, to how to make browines in a cup. DIY is an account that everyone can benefit and learn from 

OK...OK... I realize I'm not a teen but this account crafts rock. From nail designs, to fun wall art to how to make sugar crystals, whats there not to love? 


I realize this account is 100% different from all of the other listed accounts, but I love love love fashion and as I get older I like to put more effort into what's in-style and what's not. Since I'm not going to read the lastest fasion magizines this account is right up my alley. With 1.1 million follows I trust @besttrends with my fashion repetation. Plus she has deals on jewelry and discounts on high quality clothes. 

Thats it today friends!
Enjoy your Thursday

Check out:
 @misstulz47, @instafemmefitness, @_red_warrior, @transformationalgeorgia, @greenglowlove, @powerbyplants, @beganasian, @diyhowto101, @teen_crafts101, @besttrends

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