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Happy New Years Eve

I don't have any big plans tonight. Well let me rephrase that, I have plans to enjoy a romantic dinner in San Francisco with my boyfriend tonight. No big parties, or trips out of town, I'm keeping it simple, low key and under cover. 

I had a blast in DC for Christmas. The weather wasn't too bad, and I always have a great time when my family is involved.

I flew to Phoenix Arizona early Friday morning. I've been flying a lot, so my body clock is all messed up. As soon as I arrived I went shopping for some clothes better suited for 70 degree weather. This weekend was filled with exploring Scottsdale Arizona, eating amazing food, and relaxing. 

We came back to The Bay Area yesterday and I was so tired I slept until 1pm. If anyone knows me I usually have a hard time sleeping past 9am. I was beat.

I'm finally getting back on track, and I just realized I'll be flying to Wisconsin on Saturday. This should be a fast trip, but I'm not looking forward to the below zero temperate that I know is coming. I have to buy a thick winter coat to battle the midwest winter elements.

All that said, I've noticed a lot of weight loss challenges/ New Years resolutions posted on different blogs, Facebook and Instagram. Because I found so many different challenges I figure I would share my top 3 with you, instead of created a weightloss challenge of my own. 

I'm not really into the "I have to loose weight this year" New Years Resolution. I only believe in making small lifestyle changes to reach your goals. That way your changes will stick instead of gaining weight after a diet, you change your eating habits and the way you look at food long term. That doesn't mean that these challenges don't work, or that you shouldn't partake in the fun. Sometimes you need a little jump start. I plan on using these challenges/programs throughout the year to help me stay on track when I get tired of my regular routines. 


Lets talk Fitness Resolutions

My friend Anna at created this green smoothie challenge that looks tasty and healthy all at the same time

7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Jan 1-7 

1. Make 1 green smoothie a day for 7 days

2. Post picture of your Green smoothie with hashtag #greengrowlove

3. At the end of the week she will choose the follower with the best looking green smoothies and they will win a Kimberly Snyder's "The Beauty  Detox Solution"

4. Enjoy yourself and good luck 

All green smoothies can be found on her blog

She will be posting helpful tips and advice during the challenge, if you have any questions comment or message her on Facebook or Instagram @greenglowlove

Let food be they medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food

I love this challenge. I love Green Glow love, I plan on participating, smoothies are nutritious and delicious. 

Reach your health and financial goals for 2014 
Meatless Mondays

Participating in Meatless Monday will knock two goals off you list. 


Veggies are definitely more cost effective per pound then meat and, they'll help shrink your waistline. Don't you just love multitasking.

On Instagram tag #powerbyplants for them to feature your photo. Make the holidays easy with their Party Recipe ebook free. 

My boyfriend has been doing meatless Mondays for the last 6 months. He lost about 20 pounds and he actually looks forward to not consuming meat for an entire day. Since I'm already meatless this challenge isn't really a challenge for me. But I still support it! 

Transformational Georgia's
Weight loss Challenge
Starting January 11th
Instagram @transformatinalgeorgia 

Who wants to loose weight and in an awesome fitbit force? She got one for Christmas and she loves it. It records sleep patterns, calories burned, steps climbed, ect. 

It will be a 2 month challenge starting January 11th, the person that looses the most body fat% wins. 

To enter email Georgia at

She will also supply everyone with a food guide and weight loss support.

Georgia and I became friends through Instagram. She is a huge inspiration to me and many other people. Check her out on Instagram at @transformationalgeorgia

Those are my top 3 realistic and doable weight loss resolutions. There are millions out there, if you don't see one you like research and find one that fits your wants and needs

Go for it!
2014 is your year!!

Happy New Years friends!
Talk to you next year!

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